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(No Male Callers. Please)

  • Tall, masculine, discreet male, experienced, broadminded and willing.

  • I offer a hot personal service, exclusively for women, in the South East.

  • Email,

Thanks for sending me the emails, they always make my day!

Note: All extracts from emails published here are published with permission and personal identifiable information has been removed - let me know if I can add your feedback when you email me.

Hi Steve,
Everything I asked you to do for me, you did. That was very special and meant a lot to me. - (Name erased here).

Steve, WOW! Two hours ...... does your jaw ache? :-) xxxxx (Name erased here).

Hi Steve,
I thought I would email and let you know how much I enjoyed our all too brief time together. You were very sweet! It made a real change to me to have a real man do what I wanted for a change - I shall book again soon. xxxxxx (Name erased here).

Are you free again this Friday? (Name erased here).

Hello Steve!
just wanted to give you some feedback on our time together. I was very nervous (first time, as you know) but you were very relaxed and laid back. You were very accomodating, thanks for doing it my way. I had an exciting and satisfying time. I am VERY glad I booked. Will see you again soon. THANK YOU, STEVE. (Name erased here).

Hi Steve,
First time for me, in that way, by your tongue, it was GREAT! (Name erased here).

Strong and gentle hands, and a soft, hot tongue - what more could I ask for. (Name erased here).

Hi Steve,
Repeat booking, please. - (Name erased here).

Hello Steve!
I always wanted to watch a man make himself cum. Why are men so shy about masturbating? You certainly are not..... it was fun! Save it up for me for next time Steve! (Name erased here).

Hello Steve,
Men have been able to book a service like yours for years, now it's our turn. (Name erased here).

Hi Steve!
Treat me like a slut I said and treat me like a slut you did! When you told me to suck your cock I almost wet myself. Thanks, thanks, thanks - only trouble is I want more, more, more! and you are huge! Thanks again Steve. - (Name erased here).

Hi Steve,
That car of yours is stunning - I love the back seat the best. :-) Hope I didn't stain it? - (Name erased here).

Hi Steve,
Book me in again for next week could you, I'm a greedy girl. (Name erased here).

Hello Steve,
I've recommended you to my friend......... she will be in touch. (Name erased here).

I always take a long time.......... it was exactly how I wanted it......... thanks for being so patient....... Your tongue is awesome! (Name erased here).

Yet again, I'm glad I took the time to book my massage with you. (Name erased here).

Thank you! A very satisfying time. xxx (Name erased here).

Steve, I'd like to book a massage again ....... (Name erased here).

Hi Steve,
You are my best kept secret! Take care Steve. (Name erased here).

Hi Steve,
My friend hasn't stopped talking about you - I couldn't have given her a better present.......... - (Name erased here).

Why don't you tell everyone how BIG you are! (Name erased here).

Hello Steve,
How are you? Can I book you again for ....... I had such a good time, last time we met. (Name erased here).

I'm so glad I booked. I wasn't sure at first but it all went so well with no complications. You came up trumps! - Hugs (Name erased here).

Most fun I've had in a long while - thanks! - (Name erased here).

I am having a party, would you come along and keep it a secret that I paid for you to be there? (This was done for this client - Steve) (Name erased here).

Hello Steve,
Just wanted to say thanks from both of us. My partner fulfilled a life-long fantasy when he watched us together. - (Name erased here).

Meeting in your car was fun but I am going to book a hotel room next time. (Name erased here).

It was great to feel like a woman again. Thank you for telling me all those good things - it had been so long since I heard that. - (Name erased here).

Want to know more?

  • Email: - so feel free to mail me at anytime and leave a message - need an experienced, mature man?

  • I can travel or meet in London, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Herts, M25 area, Dartford, Rochester and Medway Area, and the South East of England, UK. Also the airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, or Stansted. No area is excluded so please contact me if you would like to meet elsewhere.


  • Alternatively, email me,

  • Call to see how I sound! - I do not respond to male callers.

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