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Hot, Experienced, Mature Male for Women Only
(No Male Callers. Please)

  • Tall, masculine, discreet male, experienced, broadminded and willing.

  • I offer a hot personal service, exclusively for women, in the South East.

  • Email,

Hello, and welcome to UK Passion, designed and maintained by me.

Click around to find out more about me and the exclusive special massage and escort service I provide for women.

I'm glad you've dropped by my site, and be assured, I am a confident, mature, masculine man - I will provide a discreet and satisfying service to ensure that YOU get what YOU want.

If you have any questions at all, or just would like to hear what I sound like then give Email: - I don't accept or respond to calls from male callers - sorry guys...... :-) BTW I will never call you back unless you specifically ask me to.

I am confident in my masculinity, relaxed and totally un-inhibited.

I am NOT a wet-behind-the-ears escort wannabee!

I AM a sensitive, mature male with my own professional career, offering a massage or escort service to women only, in the London and South East of England area.

I can provide good company, a relaxing massage or more attentive, personal services. If this is important to you - than yes, I AM well-endowed. See my ABOUT me page and my PHOTOS page for more information about myself.

Want details of what you might get for your money? then see my SERVICES page for more details of the hot, personal services I offer.

Initial contact can be made by email, text message or telephone.

As I do not respond to male callers, under any circumstances, I appreciate a telephone call early on in our contact, to confirm that I am discussing arrangements with a female client. Email:

Whether you would like me to visit your home, your hotel room, your office or work-place, or some other arrangement, you can be assured of satisfaction, courtesy, anonymity and, of course, absolute discretion.

Check out my Fees page and Special Offers page - I offer special rates for first time bookings, and bookings to include an hotel.

My maturity, experience, broad-mindedness and discretion are worth paying for!

Want to know more?

  • Email: - so feel free to mail me at anytime and leave a message - need an experienced, mature man?

  • I can travel or meet in London, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Herts, M25 area, Dartford, Rochester and Medway Area, and the South East of England, UK. Also the airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, or Stansted. No area is excluded so please contact me if you would like to meet elsewhere.


  • Alternatively, email me,

  • Call to see how I sound! - I do not respond to male callers.

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