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Hot, Experienced, Mature Male for Women Only
(No Male Callers. Please)

  • Tall, masculine, discreet male, experienced, broadminded and willing.

  • I offer a hot personal service, exclusively for women, in the South East.

  • Email,
Booking Information for Couples

I have received enquiries and bookings for my escort services from couples.

I welcome bookings from couples of whatever age (and also small female groups - see below). Although my orientation is hetero-sexual I have no phobia about physical contact or being close to a male - it just doesn't turn me on!

I am happy for a male partner to be present, and to join in during a booking and can provide ALL personal services for the female in these circumstances - I am totally uninhibited. I enjoy both watching and being watched. If this fits in with your idea of fun then consider calling me. Email:

Do you have something special in mind for your man? Does he want to watch you with me? Why not make it come true?

I have participated in fantasy scenarios with couples, from meeting and totally pretending that the man wasn't present throughout the booking (even though he was) to actively pleasuring the female at the same time as her partner. Some women seem to be very giving in this situation and get immense pleasure from taking care of two men!

Would he like to sit back, enjoy, and just watch us? If this is your thing as a couple it is very easy to arrange and something I would do for you. Give me a call. Email:

Or would you like to show him what you can be like sexually, what you like, what you are capable of and how you want to be treated? - Just need someone to demonstrate on? Give me a call. Email:

Would you both appreciate an audience? With or without any physical contact from me? Give me a call. Email:

Perhaps you would like to meet me with your partner first and then spend time on our own - I have no problem with this.

I charge no additional fees for bookings by couples, but appreciate a gift or present as a thank you from the extra person involved - at your discretion.

Fantasies and role-play fulfillment for couples, just ASK!

CP - Corporal Punishment

I have a strong, firm hand and if you or your partner has been naughty then perhaps some discipline is neeeded? Naughty girl and naughty boy scenarios are very, very horny and I really do have a good smack. So bend over and bare that bottom...... :-)

Perhaps he is not as firm with you as you would like? Or maybe you think it is time for him to be punished and spanked? Want to punish him AND show him what a real man can do for you?

Enquiries from submissive couples welcome - would you like me to guide and lead BOTH of you?

Slut wife or Slut Girlfriend?

Want to act slutty for your partner? Or need to be treated like a slut so he can see what it is like (what you like)? I rarely get the opportunity in this work to totally let myself go, so if your fantasy is to be used, and perhaps, treated like a slut, just for my pleasure, while your partner watches you acting slutty, then let me know - it could be something I really enjoy........ :-)

See my SERVICES page for more details of the special, personal services I can provide.

No male callers

I never respond to male callers, so initial contact MUST be made by the female partner by telephone. I will not discuss services with male callers, so please don't waste your time and mine. Get your lady to call me FIRST!

All female groups and Female Couples

I also accept bookings from female couples, and small female groups. If you would like to share me with a friend at the same time or one after each other that's fine, no extra fee, just pay for my time. Thinking of an unusual present for a friend? Just tell them I am paid for and their's to use as they wish. It could be very fulfilling and gratifying for your friend. I am sensitive enough to make this work without any pressure at all, I will just make myself available.

Booking a sensual massage for a friend as a present might be appropriate. I can often make a daytime appointment with some advance notice.

DIY exhibitions (masturbation) for females, couples and small, all female groups. I am totally uninhibited. I am not however a stripper or dancer - so please don't think of me as that kind of service. However, if you want an ice-breaker or a talking point, or just a demonstration, then I might be what you need. I would also be glad to pose for a female artist who needs a nude male model but NOT for Video or Photographs.

Lesbian Couples

Lesbian Couples - I have a degree and am, and always have been healthy and fit. Apart from a broken leg, I have had NO illnesses whatsover and consider this very good going at my age. Three of my grand-parents lived to their 90's, the other grand-parent died of a now curable illness and presumably would have lived into old age otherwise. If these factors............ my intelligence and good health, along with the other information about me in the site are of interest to you then PLEASE contact me. I am very, very, interested in what this might mean to you.

Want to know more?

  • Email: - so feel free to mail me at anytime and leave a message - need an experienced, mature man?

  • I can travel or meet in London, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Herts, M25 area, Dartford, Rochester and Medway Area, and the South East of England, UK. Also the airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, or Stansted. No area is excluded so please contact me if you would like to meet elsewhere.


  • Alternatively, email me,

  • Call to see how I sound! - I do not respond to male callers.

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